Roof Coating

Whether you’re looking for a proactive, cost effective, solution to maintain your facilities, or a way to refurbish a highly weathered surface, we can help with custom multi-layer roof coatings. The financial and environmental benefits are truly impressive.

Siding Coating

Coating siding is a great way to improve facility aesthetics and maintain the underlying substrate. We can meet your needs for metal & concrete substrates.

Floor Coating

Floor coatings are a critical part of construction and maintenance. We offer a wide range of floor coating applications that protect from corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack, while improving aesthetics and safety.

Intricate Coating

Large or small, simple or complex, let us determine the most reliable & efficient way to deliver your project. We specialize in coating a wide range of intricate structures, including: structural, tooling, and machinery.

Zinc Abatement Coating

Galvanized & painted surfaces leach large amounts of zinc into stormwater. We offer FREE zinc source testing to determine if your buildings are a significant source of zinc pollution. Surfaces are sealed in a fully compliant manner which reduces zinc runoff by up to 99%.

Other Services

We’ve applied our efficient processes to all types of coating projects, including; silos, radio towers, marine, floor coatings, and more. We’re happy to put together a competitive proposal for any industrial coating project.

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