Roof Coating

Whether you’re looking for a proactive, cost effective, solution to maintain your facilities, or a way to refurbish a highly weathered surface, we can help with custom multi-layer roof coatings. The financial and environmental benefits are truly impressive.

Roof Coating Benefits

Companies choose roof coating for individual reasons but did you know that they all receive a broad range of benefits?

The very same roof coating product that provides a cool roof solution also delivers zinc abatement, and significantly extends the life of the roof.

Let’s take a look at the full range of economic and environmental benefits provided by roof coating.

Roof Coating Effect
Cool roof – the roof coating serves to reflect the heat produced by sunlight reducing temperatures by up to 100 °F which means interior plant cooling costs are significantly reduced
Monthly cooling expense is reduced and coating is Energy Star compliant, qualifying for an energy rebate
Zinc abatement – roof coating reduces zinc runoff from galvanized roofs by over 90%
Storm water compliance contributes to environmentally friendly operations
Roof renewal – A 15-year old roof near the end of its operational life can experience a doubling of its life expectancy through roof coatings
Capital cost savings is realized by pushing out the capital expense in favor of a lower maintenance expense that is fully tax deductible in the year incurred


Regardless of your immediate need, it’s worth considering all the benefits when evaluating what roof coatings can do for your facilities.