Industrial Storage Silos


We have experience in preserving important storage and containment areas. On this classification of project, durable coatings are a critical part of the overall containment process.

Seneca Yakima / Sunnyside Cool Roof


Recoating jobs are often deductible in the first year, while most total roof replacements are not – building owners can receive a tax break when using cool roof coatings. Daily operations were not interrupted by roof coating process.
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RMC Facilities Roof


Roof coating is an important part of facility maintenance. This coating system provided a proactive maintenance solution, and effective zinc abatement.

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Achilles USA Zinc Abatement


Our specialty zinc abatement services helped Achilles USA meet state and federal stormwater compliance standards. This process saved money and eliminated compliance issues.

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Skyline Electric & Mfg. Roof

skyline electric

Roof coating may be the best investment you can make in your facility. A zinc free acrylic coating system at Skyline Electric & Mfg. delivered weatherization, preservation and zinc abatement.

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Port of Everett Roof


Great Western Coatings assisted the Port of Everett with zinc abatement coating. Thorough surface preparation and application of industrial grade zinc-free materials delivered a 98% zinc runoff reduction.

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Warehouse Cool Roof

cool roof 21435456

Great Western Coatings premium specialty roof coatings weatherproof and extend the valuable life of industrial facilities. Reflective roof coating applications are outstanding for protecting flat roofs from UV and water damage. Cool roofs offer the added benefit of energy savings.

Refinery Tank Coatings

Oil Refinery Tank Coating

We have experience in preserving important storage and containment areas. On this classification of project, durable coatings are a critical part of the overall containment process.

Mixed Facility Coatings

Industrial Coating Project Everett

Our broad coating capabilities allow us to offer comprehensive solutions for all substrates. Projects like this require concrete coating, roof coating, and siding coating. Combining project elements can enhance project efficiency and reduce total cost to the client.

Railroad Industry Coating

Seattle Facility Coating

Coating multiple structures at this Northwest site added maintenance value and aesthetics. Safety planning and coordination were critical in making this project a success.

Water Treatment Pipes

Water Treatment Pipes

This coating system will protect the pipes in this local water treatment plant for years to come. Thorough surface preparation will maximize the effective life of the system.

Warehouse Concrete Floor

Industrial Floor Coating

Floor coating applications are a critical part of construction and maintenance. We offer a wide range of floor coating applications that protect from corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack, while improving aesthetics and safety.

Multi-flight Staircases


When industrial facilities need to coat intricate structures such as these staircases, they can count on our experience and process to deliver a lasting product.

Specialty Tooling


We have coated many intricate tooling projects. This work requires meticulous surface preparation along with timely delivery.

Metal Siding Coating Seattle

Industrial Blue Siding

This project brought a highly weathered metal building back to life. Making it one of the cleanest, most impressive facilities in the neighborhood.

Bigge Crane & Rigging Siding


Siding coating is an important part of facility maintenance. For this project, it was part of a comprehensive maintenance and zinc abatement solution. Coating also created a more modern look.

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Industrial Racking System


Multi-component coating projects require experience, skill, and precise processes. Continuous improvement and lean processes help us deliver quality and efficiency in tandem.

Boeing Hangar Doors


A new coating on Boeing’s Hangar Doors added critical asset preservation and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Great Western Coatings successfully delivered a high-quality product while meeting stringent delivery schedules.

Boeing Production System Equipment


We deliver multiple specification coating requirements including chemical resistant, heat resistant, slip resistant, v.o.c. compliant, and plural coatings.