Years of experience, technical expertise, and high quality processes


Years of experience with the practical and technical requirements of industrial coating allow us to deliver the most effective coating systems often doubling the life of existing structures. Material selection, thorough surface preparation, professional application processes, and smart quality controls help us deliver systems that protect your facilities from harsh elements and environmental hazards. We’ve completed projects for some of the Northwest’s most highly regarded companies.


Great Western Coatings has provided industrial coating services for over 30 years and has coated millions of square feet that hold strong to this day. We understand that reliability is a priority for industrial customers. Clear communication, responsiveness, timely start and finish, in-depth training, application certifications, technical research and a commitment to Lean Process improvement all contribute to our goal of delivering dependable experiences and solutions for our customers.


High quality materials stand the test of time. It’s why we select the best, proven, and tested coatings and combine them with effective processes to deliver the highest value to our customers. Years of refinement have optimized our operational efficiency allowing us to execute high quality projects with substantial savings to our customers.


Strict safety and environmental standards, and ongoing training, allow us to deliver your project with far less risk than other contractors. Our process includes the thorough capture, clean up and disposal of all waste including the water used in our surface preparation process. Our solutions keep our clients environmentally compliant for the long term. We base our policies and training on current federal and state guidelines.

Safety and Health Policy Statement

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