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Proudly Serving the Pacific Northwest

We're proud to serve industrial facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Greater Seattle and Portland areas, with over 30 years of experience.

Maintenance Coating

Roof and siding coating improve aesthetics while adding substantial maintenance value. Lean processes help us deliver high quality at a fair price.

Zinc Abatement Coating

Our specialty zinc abatement coating services help meet state and federal stormwater compliance standards.

The Highest Quality Standards

Great Western Coatings delivers the highest quality while meeting stringent delivery schedules. A new coating system for The Boeing Company, added asset preservation and enhanced aesthetics.

Concrete Coating

We can help you protect your concrete structures by applying the right coating systems.

Intricate Coating Capabilities

Great Western Coatings has a wealth of experience and specialized expertise in coating intricate structures, equipment, and tooling.
Great Western Coatings is dedicated to providing exceptional quality, compliance, and affordability to industrial facilities throughout the Northwest.


Our application process protects your facilities from harsh elements and industrial environments.


Ideal material selection and our quality checklist ensure optimal adhesion and reliability.


Continuous improvement and lean operations drive our commitment to providing economical solutions.


We specialize in zinc abatement. Our clients have seen zinc runoff reduced by over 90%.